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tori petrillo

Laurita Winery | NJ Engagement Session | Caitlin & Jonathan

If we’re being honest, I may have squealed a little bit when I signed onto Facebook a few months ago and saw that Caitlin was engaged! Caitlin and I met a few years ago back in college where we were both members of the Orientation Committee (YAY Mighty OC!). We were placed in the same squad and spent the week (before the incoming class arrived!) bonding with each other and our team members while making late night runs for Rita’s and participating in ALL of the ice breaker activities!

I can remember Caitlin telling me about Jonathan (also a Drew alum!) and their shared passion for marching band. It was clear that Jonathan was someone very special! When Caitlin and I met up to talk about her wedding, she shared with me that Jonathan proposed to her on Thanksgiving Day. Before dinner, each family member took a moment to share something they were thankful for. When it was Jonathan’s turn, he asked Caitlin to marry him. Does it get any sweeter than that?! I think not!

We had such a wonderful time exploring the incredible grounds of Laurita Winery together! Caitlin & Jonathan were so comfortable in front of the camera, and I loved watching how much fun they were having with each other. They had my assistant and I laughing our way through the vineyard!

Congratulations on your engagement, Caitlin & Jonathan! I can’t wait to celebrate with you both at Drew in January!




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