Rhode Island Weekend Getaway

It’s no secret that I love everything about New England during every season, but fall is definitely one of my top favorites! I love watching the leaves change, checking out all of the house decorations, and partaking in all of the local fall festivities — like visiting Clyde’s Cider Mill! Clyde’s has been around since the 1800’s, and they make the most delicious apple cider and cider donuts. You have to get there super early on the weekends because of the amount of people that come and visit from all over! I walked away with a big jug of apple cider, a donut, and some sort of maple cream that a vendor insisted that I try (I’m not sure what I’ll use it for, but it sure was amazing, haha!).

After visiting Clyde’s, we shopped around Mystic and then head over to the beach to watch the waves roll in and pick up sea glass. This time of year is the perfect time to find the biggest chunks of the prettiest sea glass ever! All of the beach goers are home for the season, which means more sea glass for me to put in my jar 🙂

Happy Monday, friends!












Weekly Happenings

Woohoo, we’ve officially made it to Friday, friends! I just finished up a beautiful senior session over at Drew University with Abby that I just can’t WAIT to share with you next week! Abby is the sweetest and we had such a great time working together! We couldn’t have asked for a better fall day. I swear, my seniors are just the best! Here’s a little sneak peek from tonight because I couldn’t resist, haha!


Tomorrow I’m off to The Hamilton Golf Club to second shoot what I know will be a DREAM worthy wedding with Christy Nicole Photography! Last week Christy was telling me about the sweet couple, their incredible venue AND the fact that they’ll be having vintage furniture! How awesome is that?! I can’t wait. Be on the lookout for highlights from Christy’s wedding up on the blog within the next couple of weeks AND for last weekends wedding! Gahhh all of the pretty!

Here’s to a wonderful, restful, & fun weekend!


Wedding Venue Goals & All Things Nautical

What a WHIRLWIND of a weekend!  Ryan came up on Thursday night after his classes to celebrate my birthday with me. We had so much fun hanging out and brunching on Friday afternoon at The Millside Cafe! When the two of us visited Rhode Island over the summer, we ventured over into downtown Mystic, CT and discovered a store called Sea Bags. They make handbags, wallets, etc. that are all made out of recycled sails from sailboats. How awesome is that?! Ryan bought me the bag that I was having trouble putting down in the store for my birthday…. a blue one with an architectural sketch of a lighthouse on it (insert heart eyed emoji here)!!! I’m so excited to wear it literally everywhere that I go 🙂

I second shot an INCREDIBLE wedding with Tracey Krick Photography at a beautiful venue called The Brasenhill Mansion in Lebanon, PA on Saturday. Serious venue goals, guys. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple to celebrate alongside with! I was so hyped up with energy for the entire ride back that night…. and then I proceeded to collapse on my couch as soon as I got home, haha!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. I slept in and took my sweet time all day! I noticed a package on the kitchen counter the night before but was too tired to check it out. Turns out that it was a sweet present from Ryan’s parents! If you know me, you know that I’m in love with ALL things nautical, New England, & preppy and have been OBSESSED with KJP, his wife Sarah, & their brand for years. Imagine my happiness when I opened it up and saw a KJP rope bracelet inside (more heart eyed emojis, haha)! They are just SO pretty.

I’m so grateful to all of the people who celebrated with me and made my birthday week so special! And I just can’t wait to share the photos from Saturday’s beautiful wedding. Be on the lookout for those…. It was a total fairytale!

Happy Monday 🙂

Cue the BIRTHDAY Celebrations!

Today is my birthday! The big 2-4. This day next year I’ll officially be able to say that I’m in my mid 20’s. Say what? Ok, maybe I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself. Maybe 🙂 Most of my family and friends are at work today, so we won’t be able to fully celebrate until this weekend, BUT that doesn’t mean that I won’t be taking off from work early today to do something FUN! We’re keeping it pretty low key tonight with a trip to one of my FAVORITE restaurants for dinner.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my Mom makes one of her delicious chocolate cakes for dessert…. they’re seriously the best thing ever!

Thank you so much for sending me all of the birthday love on Facebook today! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Peach Picking & Disappearing Sunflower Fields

My friend Kelly and I have been wanting to go and photograph a sunflower field ALL summer long!  After going to The Gathering Event together in Fredericksburg, VA a few weeks back, we decided that we were going to make it happen. But it had to happen quickly because we didn’t want the sunflowers to wither away before we got to photograph them!  We decided to meet yesterday at Alstede Farms. I had gone peach picking with Ryan there earlier this summer and noticed that they had a BEAUTIFUL sunflower field on their property — it would have been SO perfect to photograph!

When we arrived there yesterday afternoon, the sunflower field was GONE!!! All. Mowed. Down.  WHAT?! I thought I was seeing things, haha!  To make matters worse, Kelly doesn’t exactly live around the corner. She’s from Buck’s County, PA and travelled a ways to get up to Chester, NJ…. I felt SO bad! But nonetheless, we bought crates and went peach picking instead. The peaches were so big + ripe compared to what they looked like earlier in the summer. I filled up my crate! YUM.

After we picked all of the peaches we could handle, we walked around to the back of the farm to see what else was growing.  And THAT’S when we saw another sunflower field! YES! Kelly and I put our crates down and went into the field to photograph all of the beautiful flowers. I was SO happy! Enjoy some iPhone photos from our trip yesterday 🙂

5 of My Favorite Things this Summer

To be completely honest, I texted Ryan this morning and asked what to write about for today’s blog topic.  I wanted today’s topic to be something frivolous and FUN!  After all, it is Friday 🙂 This is the idea that he came up with, and I love it so much that I’m going to do a post like this for each season!  Here is goes!

  1. Business books | I found myself at Barnes and Noble nearly once a week this summer. I have a stack of about 5 different business books on my nightstand that I’ve had on a rotation.  I haven’t finished any of them yet (haha!), but so far The Purple Cow & Contagious are my favorites! People Over Profit is the next on my list for sure.
  2.  Almay Pressed Powder | I’m not much of a makeup wearer. I hardly ever wear it in the summer unless I’m going to something special.  When I had an event to go to a few weeks back and realized that I was out of face powder, I ran to CVS and grabbed the first product that I saw! I picked out Smart Shade Skintone Matching Pressed Powder by Almay as a quick fix for around $12.  Turns out that I LOVE it.  It’s super lightweight, doesn’t cake, and gives me that no make up make up look that I love!
  3.  Jack Rogers | They’re definitely a splurge for shoes, BUT they hold up so well and they literally go with EVERYTHING.  I love that you can dress them up with a cute dress or dress them down with shorts.  I have a pair in metallic gold, and I’m already eyeing up a pair of cute pink ones for next summer!
  4.  Starbucks Berry Sangria Iced Tea | I discovered this gem of a menu item in the beginning of August and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I think I went back three or four times that week after I had first tried it.  SO good.  I refuse to ask if it’s a seasonal menu item.  I don’t even want to know!
  5.  Barre 3 | I know I’ve mentioned how much I love Barre 3 here before, but that’s only because it’s the best ever, haha!  After every class I feel totally energized and stress free. Ballet, pilates, and yoga all wrapped into one class? Yes. Count me in!

Labor Day Weekend Recap

This Labor Day weekend was SO much fun!!! On Saturday morning, my friend Lauren and I met up at our friend Stephanie’s house to celebrate her 24th birthday!  Stephanie decided that she wanted to go to Uptown Art in Denville for one of their paint and sip classes.  We forgot the champagne back at Stephanie’s house but we still had so much fun, haha!  We got to paint mason jars (my favorite!) filled with dandelions on a wood grain background.  I have to admit that I was QUITE impressed with how they all came out!


I went down to Ryan’s house on Sunday morning and the two of us spent the afternoon walking on the boardwalk and scoping out the beach!  I couldn’t believe how strong the waves were… It was kind of scary!  But we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.  I was so happy that the weather behaved and that we were able to sneak in one last beach day before the end of summer!  We went back to his house for dinner and spent the night hanging out and eating a delicious BBQ dinner with his family!


Yesterday, Ryan’s Dad took us up to his hometown (Burlington, NJ!) to show us around. Talk about a charming little town!  It was settled during the 1600’s, and I loved seeing all of the original buildings.  We spent the afternoon walking along the waterfront, checking out the marina, and gawking at all of the beautiful old homes. Basically, all was well in the world, haha!


I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Tuesday 🙂