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tori petrillo

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

#1 I went to an all girls high school.

We wore a uniform everyday (which I admit, I really didn’t mind!) complete with the most unfortunate black Oxford sneakers. They were so unfortunate that the majority of students left them in their lockers and switched into normal shoes before leaving the building after school. I’m laughing right now just thinking about them! We were allowed to change the shoe laces to whatever colors we wanted, and every year around Christmas time I made mine green & red. I have to admit that that was kind of fun. Kind of.

#2 Architecture and historic preservation are my jam.

The fascination began my freshman year of college while wandering through the architecture building on campus. I loved looking at the house models and detailed drawings scattered around the students tables. Since then, I’ve visited some beautiful places with houses that are rich with history (Savannah and Charleston, I’m looking at you!). If you happen to be heading down that way this summer, make sure to stop here. And if you want to follow an incredible architect on Instagram, click here. Oh, and if you want to see the amazing renovation that an Australian family is working on in France, then you’ll definitely want to check this out. Ok, I’m done geeking out… for now.

#3 I wrote an article on Buzzfeed that went viral last year.

But if you search my name, you won’t find it – and that’s on purpose! I can’t talk about why I was writing an article on Buzzfeed in the first place just yet, but I can definitely clue you in next month.

#4 Schitt’s Creek is my favorite TV show.

That’s right! After years of only watching HGTV (not kidding), my friend made me watch the first episode of Schitt’s Creek with her earlier this summer and I’ve been hooked ever since. We’re counting down the days until the holiday episode airs on December 19th!

#5 I was an Irish Dancer.

I know my last name says otherwise, but I’m actually half Irish! I took lessons for years and used to compete all over the state until shin splints got the best of me in high school.

#6 My full name is Victoria, but I’ve always been called Tori.

This surprises more people than you would think. I was (and still am) always so used to being called “Tori” that I was guilty of not responding whenever professors would call my name for attendance during the first day of classes!

#7 I rarely listen to music unless I’m in the car.

And even then, sometimes I like to just roll the windows down and listen to the wind, especially after a wedding day. Music has always distracted me whenever I have something to do where I need to concentrate. I can’t even listen to it while I’m editing! When I am listening to music though, 9 times out of 10, it’s country. I love Keith Urban and Florida Georgia Line.

#8 Beach vacations are my least favorite type of vacation.

I should probably preface this by saying that I love the beach. But the idea of spending a week or more staring out at the waves doesn’t get me excited. I love hiking, visiting museums, and going on as many tours as possible. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t enjoy “relaxing” vacations!

#9 I would describe my overall style as very eclectic.

Everything from clothes, to furniture, to house types, I’ve always been a fan of a wide range of different styles. All of the furniture in my bedroom is actually mid-century modern (thanks to West Elm!). Maybe I’ll give you a tour of it one day!

#10 My favorite book is 1984.

Go read it, it’s a great one.

Photo Credit: Kelly Pullman


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