Waterloo Village Wedding | NJ Photographer | Candace + David

Waterloo Village was one of those beautiful places where we would go on class field trips back in grade school. I have such fun memories of running around the property with my friends and learning all about New Jersey’s history. I had no idea that they had created a venue specifically for weddings until recently! I was so excited when my sweet friend Jen of Jennifer Larsen Photography told me that her couple, Candace + David, would be tying the knot on the property! I couldn’t wait to second shoot this beautiful wedding with her.

Candace + David’s wedding day was on Labor Day Weekend. I refreshed the weather app on my phone (as I always do every day for a week leading up to a wedding, haha!) and kept my fingers crossed that the weather would hold out for us. We were in luck, and it didn’t start raining until later in the day…. and it made for some AMAZING night time portraits.

Candace + David chose to have a first look, and because of that we had almost AN HOUR of couple portrait time before the ceremony. A whole hour! We walked all around the property and photographed them in front of the quaint buildings, wooden bridges, and endless amounts of beautiful foliage. Their portraits are some of my favorites from this summer!

Congratulations, Candace + David! Be sure to check out Jen’s blog post HERE to see the full day, and enjoy some of my favorites below!

2017-10-02_0001.jpg2017-10-02_0002.jpg2017-10-02_0006.jpg2017-10-02_0005.jpg2017-10-02_0007.jpg2017-10-02_0003.jpg2017-10-02_0004.jpg2017-10-02_0036.jpg2017-10-02_0009.jpg2017-10-02_0011.jpg2017-10-02_0010.jpg2017-10-02_0014.jpg2017-10-02_0015.jpg2017-10-02_0016.jpg2017-10-02_0017.jpg2017-10-02_0018.jpg2017-10-02_0019.jpg2017-10-02_0020.jpg2017-10-02_0021.jpg2017-10-02_0022.jpg2017-10-02_0023.jpg2017-10-02_0025.jpg2017-10-02_0029.jpg2017-10-02_0027.jpg2017-10-02_0026.jpg2017-10-02_0024.jpg2017-10-02_0030.jpg2017-10-02_0031.jpg2017-10-02_0032.jpg2017-10-02_0033.jpg2017-10-02_0034.jpg2017-10-02_0035.jpg2017-10-02_0037.jpg2017-10-02_0038.jpg2017-10-02_0039.jpg2017-10-02_0042.jpg2017-10-02_0040.jpg2017-10-02_0043.jpg2017-10-02_0044.jpg2017-10-02_0045.jpg2017-10-02_0046.jpgCandice and David (1 of 1).jpg2017-10-02_0049.jpg2017-10-02_0053.jpg2017-10-02_0054.jpg2017-10-02_0055.jpg2017-10-02_0057.jpg2017-10-02_0058.jpg2017-10-02_0056.jpg2017-10-02_0059.jpg2017-10-02_0060.jpg2017-10-02_0061.jpg2017-10-02_0062.jpg2017-10-02_0067.jpg2017-10-02_0064.jpg2017-10-02_0063.jpg2017-10-02_0066.jpg

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