Hudson Farms | NJ Wedding Photographer | Sarah + Alex

As I drove up the property to Hudson Farms in Andover, NJ, I knew I was going to be attending one very special wedding day. The property was unlike anything I’ve experienced before! I was in awe of the historic mansion, beautiful forests, and the waterfall (!!!) that served as the backdrop to Sarah and Alex’s ceremony.

What I loved most were all of the personal details that Sarah and Alex included on their wedding day. Each groomsmen was given a custom bowtie that was handcrafted with pheasant feathers that fit the day perfectly. The reception was safari themed, complete with a life sized stuffed animal elephant that I may or may not have wanted to take home with me. The evening concluded with an incredible display of fireworks in front of the mansion. It doesn’t get any better than that!

A very special thank you to my sweet friend Jen of Jennifer Larsen Photography for inviting me to come and second shoot this amazing wedding with her! Check out her blog post of the full wedding day by clicking here.


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