J&M Lighting Course Filming Recap

I was thrilled when Mary e-mailed me asking if I wanted to pose as a bridesmaid in her and Justin’s new video on lighting! I’ve been a part of a few of their workshops for the past year or so. It’s always so awesome to meet new photographers from all different parts of the country. Plus, every time that I’m a part of one of their workshops I always pick up new pieces of information that I missed the last time!

They chose 5 photographers to come to the workshop and be live audience members during filming. These people asked questions, shared the heart behind their businesses, & practiced the different lighting techniques that they had just learned — ALL while being filmed. Talk about bravery, haha! This approach to an online course is going to be SO great for those who will be tuning in because they’ll be able to experience so much teacher/student interaction.

We ended up filming for around 10 hours yesterday, and let me tell you, this course is JAM packed with such awesome content. Basically, you’ll be getting the in person experience from the comfort of your couch (I went to J&M’s lighting course as an attendee over the summer and it was a TOTAL game changer!). I’m literally so excited to download the course when it’s all finished!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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