Tech Tip Tuesday: Batch Editing

When I’m out on location photographing a couple, I’m looking for a spot with 1. great light 2. something in the background other than pure sky that helps to frame the photo 3. pretty architecture if at all possible.

When I find that spot that works, I resist the urge to take only a few photos before moving on to the next location…. as tempting as it is! Whenever I have a posing brain freeze moment, my tendency is to walk around and find a new location while I think about how to pose my couple next. I’ve been working on staying at the same location for a longer amount of time and only switching out my lenses. This gives me a chance to collect my thoughts and get a fresh angle on the same location. And the results of the photos are drastically different!

During an engagement shoot I try to find 3-4 different places at the same location (or two locations!). This gives my couple more than enough variation in their shoot and helps me during the editing process. All of the photos that were taken at the same place are going to have a similar edit with minor adjustments. When I first learned how to copy, paste, and batch edit photos in Lightroom, I was the HAPPIEST camper. My editing time was literally cut in half.

Having 3-4 different locations means only 3-4 different edits. From there, I can copy and paste those edits onto each photo that was taken in the same place. Awesome, huh? I always go through each photo individually to tweak the temperature or brightness, but at least I have a great starting point to work with. Below is how to batch edit photos in Lightroom!

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.43.35 AM.png

1. Click on a the photo that you want to batch copy.
2. Hit the command key and click on the photo(s) that you want to edit
3. Then click “sync” at the lower left hand corner of the screen

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.43.52 AM.png

This window will pop up after you click “sync.” Make sure that all of the settings that you want checked are checked and then click “synchronize.” All of the edits that you made to that one original photo will be copied and pasted to all of the photos that you selected.

Happy Tuesday 🙂


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