For Brides: 5 Easily Forgotten Wedding Day Details

If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, you know that the process is intense and the to do list is never ending! There are so many details that have to be thoughtfully taken care of to ensure a  wedding day that’s as close to seamless as possible. That being said, it can be so easy to overlook some of the day of and day after wedding details. Below are 5 common things that brides forget on the day of their wedding!

  1. Marriage License | This is a big one, haha! You definitely don’t want to forget the one piece of paper that makes your marriage official.
  2. Wedding Party Gifts | Bring parent, bridal party, and bride + groom gifts with you the morning of the wedding (even better if you can leave them in the getting ready room the night before). This is such a wonderful way to show everyone how much you love and value them!
  3. Overnight bag | If you’re planning on staying at a hotel after the wedding is over, don’t forget to pack a small overnight bag! You can leave it tucked away in the getting ready room (if that’s where you’ll be spending the night), or in the limo.
  4. Comfy Shoes | Real talk: the majority of high heels are just not comfortable. Your feet will thank you if you change into a pair of cute flats during the reception.
  5. Timeline, Itinerary & Emergency Phone Numbers | Make a few copies of these documents and give them to each bridesmaids. This way, everyone knows exactly what is happening when. The emergency phone list should list the phone number of each vendor (just in case!) as well as the cell phone numbers of the maid of honor and best man.

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