Tech Tip Tuesday: Why Deleting My E-mail App Has Made ALL of the Difference

You know when you try to snap a picture on your iPhone and you get an error message that says that the picture can’t be taken because there isn’t enough storage on your phone? I groan literally every time that comes up and start deleting all of the apps that are taking up the most amount of storage, haha! The last time this happened to me was about a month ago, and one of the apps to go was the one for my work e-mail. This happened to me on a weekend, and I figured I would re download the app as soon as I got home and after I took all of the photos off of my phone. And if I really REALLY got the urge to check, I could just login through Safari. But a funny thing happened that day….

Since the app was no longer there, I stopped checking my e-mail. Ok, by now I’m sure you’re thinking, well duhhhhh…. but this was HUGE for me. I used to check my phone e-mail at least once every hour just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything important. I even had a “ding” sound that my phone would make every time an e-mail came in because I felt like I had to respond immediately — and it was SO distracting! During the work week, I would stop what I was working on to respond right away. And during my down time I was finding myself ignoring family and friends because I was literally attached to my phone at the hip. Not cool!

Needless to say, I never re downloaded the app. Now I’ve set designated times that I check my e-mail — usually 3-4 times a day. I still do check once after work hours and a couple of times on the weekends just because I like to stay in the know. But I’m slowly learning that it’s ok not to respond back within minutes of receiving an e-mail. Better yet, it is so nice to not have my phone acting as a constant reminder and distraction through out the day. Love me some sanity, haha!

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