Editing Consistency is Key

I didn’t think much about having a photography editing style until I started photographing weddings. That’s when I really started to see how other photographers would edit their photographs and really make them their own. I was amazed at all of the different styles that I saw — dark & moody, highly saturated, light & airy, the list goes on! In my photography classes back in college, I would edit to make sure that the colors and exposure were true to what they looked like in real life. While my editing style was definitely consistent, it was really my subject matter that made my work recognizable as being a “Tori picture,” haha!

My editing process has changed since I started using Lightroom a couple of years ago, but my primary concern while editing has stayed the same. I’m always checking to make sure that my colors + exposure are reflective of what everything actually looked like when I took the picture. That being said, I tend to be on the brighter side and I like my greens to be ever so slightly film-y.

While I was editing a portrait session a few nights back and I decided to try something different with my greens and overall saturated for one of the photos just for fun. I love muted photographs where the lighting is soft, and I’m obsessed with green that have been slightly desaturated. This combination makes for some beautiful photos.

But it didn’t feel right because that’s not my style.

My colors have always fallen on the more saturated side (although I rarely bump up the saturation!). I’m drawn to bright colors and images with a punch of contrast in my own work. But so are my clients. That’s why they’ve hired me! If I had a portrait session and delivered work that didn’t look like anything that I’ve ever produced before, there’s no doubt that they’d wonder what happened. By producing consistently edited work over and over again, you’re showing potential clients your authentic editing style. You’re teaching them to trust you and the work that you’re going to produce for them. There’s no guessing game as to how their photos will look if you commit to one style time and time again.

Happy Thursday 🙂


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