What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

Over the past couple of days I’ve listened to the Turn it Up conference (as well as others!) to learn from some world renowned photographers. The amount of insight has been nothing short of incredible — I’ve been taking notes like crazy! Listening to these talks got me thinking about my own business and the changes that I could make for improvement and to make it stand out in a crowd.

There are hundreds of photographers in my area, thousands in my state, and a countless amount of others in the rest of the country. Talk about a saturated market! All of these photographers offer the same service that I do and lots of them have just as much talent. So the question then becomes, how do you stick out to potential clients in the sea of photographers? What makes them choose you over the others in your area? What makes your business and the things that you offer special?

I can think of two big ways that my services may differ from other photographers in my area. The first being that I’m a shoot and share photographer. Depending on the type of session, I give my clients a certain amount of edited images through an online gallery as well as a print release. I don’t do in person sales. By not doing this, I know that I’m missing out on additional profit that I could be making… but in person sales just aren’t my thing. I would rather focus all of my attention on my clients and their experience. When you book with Tori Petrillo Photography, you will always be communicating and working with me. My business is a one woman show! My goal is to take on a certain amount of clients each year (not quite there yet!) because (well, it is only me, haha!) I want to be able to give each couple a unique client experience. The more clients I take on, the less personal it becomes, and I just don’t want to run my business that way.

One of the major ways to make your business stand out in a crowd is to share more of YOU! You have a unique personality that is unlike anyone else. Use that to your advantage! Tell us about your likes and dislikes. Share a funny snippet on Instagram about your day. Trust me, people do care! Do you remember being in elementary school and stopping to listen when your teacher would share something that happened to her the night before in her personal life? Hopefully that wasn’t just me, haha! People LOVE learning about the person behind the camera — not just seeing a perfectly curated portfolio (though that is important to showcase too!). If nothing else, sharing more of you helps to make points of connection for potential and ideal clients. She loves row homes?! I love row homes too! And all of us photographers out there know how seamlessly a session comes together when we click with our clients and have similar interests 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



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