Peach Picking & Disappearing Sunflower Fields

My friend Kelly and I have been wanting to go and photograph a sunflower field ALL summer long!  After going to The Gathering Event together in Fredericksburg, VA a few weeks back, we decided that we were going to make it happen. But it had to happen quickly because we didn’t want the sunflowers to wither away before we got to photograph them!  We decided to meet yesterday at Alstede Farms. I had gone peach picking with Ryan there earlier this summer and noticed that they had a BEAUTIFUL sunflower field on their property — it would have been SO perfect to photograph!

When we arrived there yesterday afternoon, the sunflower field was GONE!!! All. Mowed. Down.  WHAT?! I thought I was seeing things, haha!  To make matters worse, Kelly doesn’t exactly live around the corner. She’s from Buck’s County, PA and travelled a ways to get up to Chester, NJ…. I felt SO bad! But nonetheless, we bought crates and went peach picking instead. The peaches were so big + ripe compared to what they looked like earlier in the summer. I filled up my crate! YUM.

After we picked all of the peaches we could handle, we walked around to the back of the farm to see what else was growing.  And THAT’S when we saw another sunflower field! YES! Kelly and I put our crates down and went into the field to photograph all of the beautiful flowers. I was SO happy! Enjoy some iPhone photos from our trip yesterday 🙂

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