A Tip for Overcoming Work Week Overwhelm

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed is a real thing.  Now don’t get me wrong — being my own boss, doing what I love, and working from home definitely has is perks.  I call the shots.  I get to decide what needs to get done and when it needs to get done by.  But by the same token, I’m it.  The buck stops with me.  There’s no one for me to pass my work off to if I’m not able to get it done between 9-5 business hours.  And since I have unlimited access to my “office” (aka dining room table), I frequently find myself working in front of my desktop more often than I probably should just to get more accomplished…. we’re still working on the last part 🙂

When the beginning of the week would roll around, I would think about all of the things that needed to get done and then I would get to work…. without prioritizing…. or having a physical to do list where I could check off each item as I completed it.  Instead, I would try to get as much done as I possibly could from sunup to sundown.  And you know what ended up happening?  A lot procrastination and burn out.  I didn’t know where to begin.  I would start on a project, stop, & then start up on a different project before going back to the original. Probably not the best way to be doing business, huh?

That’s when I started to reevaluate what I had been doing each day and decided to create a weekly schedule.  As simple as it sounds, it has changed my world!  I write down a long list of everything that needs to get done in one work week (social media engagement, blogging, editing, e-mail answering, etc) and assign specific days and time frames to complete everything.  I make sure to spread out larger tasks over the span of a couple of days because I want to make sure that I’m giving each item the attention that it deserves! Plus, having a weekly game plan has taken so much guess work out of the equation.  I now know exactly what I’m doing and when it’s going to get done.  Total game changer!

Happy Tuesday!

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