Planoly: Why I Love It

A lot of effort goes into planning for social media — maybe a little more than you’d think! It’s no secret that I LOVE Instagram.  I’m obsessed with it, really.  I love to curate my feed and I frequently scroll through it to keeps tabs on my colors, balance, perspective, and subject matter.  I’m always playing around with all of those different variables just to keep my feed visually interesting!

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.29.03 PM

Planoly is an iPhone app that I use as my visual planner and scheduler.  It synchs to my Instagram account and lets me upload new photos so that I’m able to see how it’ll work with my other photos as a whole feed.  Usually, I’ll upload a couple of photos and then drag and drop until I’m liking what I see. When it comes time for the post to go live, I get a push notification that I’ll click on to then officially publish my post.  Aside from being a visual planner and scheduler, it gives me the ability to check out my analytics and comments.  Planoly is around $6 a month and it is worth every penny.  It’s taken so much guess work out of the social media part of my job and it helps me stay organized!  I’m hooked!



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