Meet Shamrock the Borgi

Ok, so no, I didn’t exactly get a dog (sadly!), BUT…. THIS adorable little house elf came yesterday afternoon to spend the week with us while her family is away on vacation!  Her name is Shamrock (Shammy, for short!), and I love when she comes to visit.  For the longest time we couldn’t decide what kind of a dog she was until her human sister stumbled upon a picture of a Borgi (border collie + corgi mix). And that’s exactly what she is — a border collie with short little legs and a fluffy tail dipped in white.  And I just love her!

You know how dogs have their very own personalities?  It’s funny, but SO true!  The more time that I spend with her, the more I pick up on her adorable little quirks!  Here are a few things that Shammy LOVES to do:

  1.  Herd people like cattle when they’re not moving quick enough… guess that comes along with the border collie + corgi territory!
  2.  Take a daily afternoon nap after she eats from her  peanut butter filled Kong
  3.  Follow me around the house whenever I get up to move (I think she has a fear of missing out!).  She’s always VERY excited and wags her tail when she does this.
  4.  Cuddle up on the couch right up against me no matter the temperature is!
  5.  Walk like she’s on a mission!  Her ears go straight back and down whenever she walks — she has some SERIOUS business to do!

So that’s our little Shammy in a nutshell.  Ryan and I are going on an adventure for most of this week so we won’t get to spend time too much time with her until we’re back, BUT, it’ll be so fun to have a friendly little furry face to come back home to!

Happy Monday!

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