4th of July Weekend Recap!

My family and I have been going up to Rhode Island for the past 10 years. We have lots of family members that live up there, which means that there’s always laughs to be had and comfy places to stay! It’s always so fun to go up during all of the different seasons…. But summer time is by far my favorite! Ryan almost always comes up with us during the summer, which is the best because he’s always happy to go adventuring all day with me!

We arrived in RI late Friday afternoon and drove over to the Fantastic Umbrella Factory (not at all what it sounds like!) in Charlestown which is one of my favorite places EVER. It’s off the beaten path and literally makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back into the 70’s. It’s SO hippie and flat out awesome. They sell incense, handmade ceramics + instruments, hippie inspired clothing, jewelry and so much more. They also have a cafe (I have to admit that I’ve never been!) AND a farm in the back with chickens, emus, and (the latest editions) goats! It’s a must visit if you’re ever in the state.

We kicked off the next day with a trip to Dave’s Coffee. I had never been there before this weekend (shameful, no?).  I’ve literally driven past it for years!  It’s always PACKED especially during the summer! I got an iced mocha coffee and couldn’t resist picking up a coffee mug and they’re famous coffee syrup (thanks, Ry!). Afterwards we walked through the beautiful downtown area of Watch Hill and then head over to a local salt pond to go kayaking with my cousins! They came up from Connecticut for the day, and I was SO happy that they finally got to meet Ryan! After dinner, we all went down to Mystic, CT to watch Romeo and Juliet at sunset — SO much fun!

On Sunday we took a ride over to Wickford and drooled all over ALL of the old homes and walked through the stores in the sweet downtown area. That night we went over to the beach for a walk at sunset and watched the locals set off their own firework shows.

To be totally honest, I was bummed to come back from such a super fun and low key weekend, but at least I came home with a happy heart and fun memories! RI, we’ll be back soon 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Enjoy some iPhone photos from this weekend.  Happy Tuesday!



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