5 Tips for Shooting Your Next Wedding

  1. Have the details ready to go –  Ask your bride two weekends before her wedding date to set aside all of the important details into a small box (shoes, jewelry, invites, perfume, etc.) for you to grab and photograph when you arrive the morning of the wedding. This is a great way to ensure that everything is accounted for before hand and that nothing important will be missing.
  2. Check for distractions – Be on the look out for hair ties on wrists (the BIGGEST offenders!), wall outlets, air/heating vents, TV screens, and those unfortunate hotel paintings.  These are all difficult to get rid of during post production and will cost your hours of your time.  Try to rectify the problem right then and there by removing the distraction, switching up your perspective or simply changing location entirely if need be.  It’s much quicker and easier to deal with the issue right then and there — whatever you choose to do, please just promise me that you won’t tell yourself that you’ll just fix it later in Photoshop!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask people to move – Anyone ever had an Uncle Bob set his tripod in the center of the aisle during the wedding ceremony?  Kindly ask Uncle Bob if he could 1. move his tripod out of the aisle and closer to where he is sitting or 2. hold off on setting up his tripod until after the bridal party processes to ensure distraction free, clean photographs.  Most of the time people are super understanding and realize that you were hired to do a specific job and that you want to do it well!
  4. Expect the unexpected – Expect to have walls and ceilings that aren’t pure white and fixed lighting that is every color of the rainbow.  Pack a Wedding Day E-Kit (click HERE to see mine!), prepare for bad weather, and always have a one light set up on standby if need be for bridal details, portraits, and family formals.
  5. Bring a second shooter – Having a second shooter during for the wedding day is a great way to be able to cover more ground, be in two places at once, and see an entirely new perspective of the same day.  Plus, it’s SO helpful to have another person hold a reflector, grab a lens, and fluff the brides dress to perfection.

Happy Wednesday!

XO Tori

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