4 Things I’m Loving Lately

Happy Monday!  Switching things up a little bit for today’s hodgepodge with a few things that I’ve been absolutely loving lately  🙂  Enjoy!

1. Barre 3
Any current or former dancers out there?  Barre 3 is the workout place for you.  I was a ballet and Irish dancer up until my junior year of high school when I was forced to stop because of some nasty injuries that started to take a toll on my body.  Barre 3 is the perfect blend of yoga, pilates, & ballet barre — and if you’ve ever taken a ballet class, you KNOW that barre work is no laughing matter!  The instructors are always reminding you to never force a stretch and to listen to your body, no matter how humbling it may be.  What I love about Barre 3 is that you can literally do it anywhere and without any props.  I’m hooked!

2. Tieks
These babies are my all time favorite ballet flats.  I had heard so many people RAVING about how comfy these shoes are but quite honestly, I didn’t believe that the words “cute shoe” and “comfy” could be used in the same sentence.  Welp, I’m a believer now!  I caved last month and bought a pair of Fuchsia Tieks and now I want every other color of the rainbow.  They do take a couple of days to fully break in, but once they do you could walk around in them for days on end.

3.  Louder Than Words by Todd Henry
Ok, so I’m only on page 45, BUT…. last Friday I was talking to my Mom about feeling like I’m lacking a signature style or authentic voice when I write, whether it be for a blog post, or even an Instagram caption.  Do you ever flip through a magazine and pick out photographs that were definitely taken by a certain photographer? You’re able to tell just by the lighting, posing, or even editing style.  The same goes for reading a caption and knowing the author. This isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, but rather through practice, trial, and error.  I was in Barnes & Noble on Saturday meandering up and down the aisles when I stumbled upon the last copy of this book: “Louder Than Words:  Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice.”  Weird, right?  I don’t even think I read the synopsis on the back of the cover.  I raced up to the register, drove home, and dug right in.  I have a hunch that when I’m done, this book will get it’s very own blog post 🙂

4.  Mason Herb Garden DIY Kit
I’m not much of a gardner, but I always found it fun to plant flowers, veggies, & herbs in late spring or early summer.  I picked this gem up at Terrain a couple months back — I’m a sucker for anything involving mason jars!  It came with basil, cilantro, mint & parsley.  I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten in such a short amount of time.  I’m going to have to replant them soon!

Happy Monday, friends 🙂

XO Tori

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