Bethlehem PA | Portrait Session | Tracey

This past Saturday, I drove out to downtown Bethlehem, PA to meet up with Tracey (of Tracey Krick Photography) for a lunch date and portrait swap! After talking all things photography and having a delicious meal at Stations Cafe, we head out onto Main Street to find some portrait perfect locations.  If you’ve ever been to Bethlehem, you know that every square inch of the town could be considered a picture perfect location — luckily we were able to narrow our choices down to just a couple of spots!

Bethlehem is filled with so much history, incredible architecture and dream worthy houses.  My fascination with Bethlehem started during my first photography class as a sophomore in college when I had first heard about Walker Evans.  If you haven’t heard of him, please stop reading and Google him now!  He’s my all time favorite photographer who photographed different areas of Bethlehem including the famous Steel Stacks.  So much of what he photographed so many years ago still exists today, which I think is pretty awesome!  Anyway, I digress….

I’m so unbelievably excited to be second shooting for some of Tracey’s upcoming weddings this season!  Tracey is the absolute sweetest and has such a big heart — AND, to top it all off, she is stunning!  I can’t wait to work with her, meet her beautiful brides, and experience the incredible venues we’ll be working in.







2 thoughts on “Bethlehem PA | Portrait Session | Tracey

  1. Tracey Krick Photography says:

    Wow! Never have I EVER felt like such a MODEL before. These shots are amazing, and they’re of ME! Am I allowed to say that? Haha! I can’t thank you enough for the awesome experience we had this past Saturday. It was so much fun! I’m thrilled to be working with you in the future and so, so happy to have made a new friend. You are the dearest. ❤


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