French Toast, Bears, & Things that Spark

This weekend was unlike any normal weekend because yesterday was my mom’s birthday!  She decided that she wanted to go out for breakfast and chose our favorite spot up in Old Lafayette Village, NJ — The Millside Cafe.  I love it for it’s food and 17th century charm.  They have the original display countertop (stocked with yummy homemade apple pies), squeaky floorboards, and baskets hanging down from the exposed beams on the ceiling.  And if all of that wasn’t enough to get me through their door, they make the BEST food and have a killer french toast recipe.  I could eat it on repeat!

Old Lafayette Village is a total gem, especially if you’re into antiquing.  The Millside Cafe is surrounded by a plethora of antique shops that are always stocked with great finds.  My favorite is Sweet P.E.A.’s which has such beautiful furniture and gifts.  They’re also an Annie Sloan Stock Shop and offer classes and workshops — I’ve bought so much chalk paint and other painting supplies from there for all of my DIY furniture projects!

After checking out Sweet P.E.A.’s, we drove about twenty minutes north to Dingman’s Ferry in PA to go see two beautiful waterfalls.  It was a little chilly, but so worth it for the amazing view and fresh air.  Sometimes its nice to go where there’s no cell phone service to get away from it all for a while…. but only if you’re with other people 🙂


Our last stop was just down the road to Camp Speers, which felt like coming back home again.  I was a girl scout for many years — from Kindergarten to senior year of high school to be exact!  Up until the 6th grade, all of the troops in town would pack their bags and head out to Camp Speers for an amazing weekend in the middle of no where.  Seriously, the middle of NO WHERE!  And I loved every second of it.


Camp Speers is where I first learned how to ride a horse, shoot a bow & arrow, and the proper way to canoe.  We went on night hikes through the woods without fear of bears (there should have been some serious fear, guys!), ran off of piers going full speed into lakes, and picked the most delicious wild blueberries right off the bush while our troop leaders weren’t looking.  We had huge campfires every night, made yummy smores, and stayed up laughing into the early hours of the morning with our friends in our cabins.

Did you know that winter mint flavored Lifesavers spark when you bite down on them when it’s pitch black out?  Fun fact learned at Camp Speers.  Try it sometime! 🙂

Happy Monday!

XO Tori

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