5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Album

Today, we’re going to talk all things wedding album.  Out of necessity, I ordered my first sample wedding album to be able to show at my client consultations a few months back.  The albums looked beautiful online, but upon arrival I realized that the pictures didn’t do them justice.  As I unwrapped the packaging I found a flawless, hand-stitched album with thick matte pages inside of a branded brown box.  It’s a work of art in and of itself — and I swear I’m not being dramatic!

1. LONGEVITY | I’m a HUGE proponent of giving my clients all of the edited images that I take.  I upload all of their files to an online gallery and they’re able to access them for 10 years.  They can download as much as they please without any additional cost. I also give my clients a print release.  Technically, could they create their own album?  Sure.  But I totally wouldn’t advise doing it.  Why?  So many reasons!  The image quality could go terribly wrong or the album layout design might be too cluttered or too sparse.  And worst of all, over time, an inexpensive album will begin to deteriorate, become discolored, and fall apart.

2. YOU’LL BE HAPPY YOU DID | On average, people will spend $2,000+ on a wedding photographer.  That’s a large chunk of cash, and that’s not even taking into account all of the other wedding day expenses.  Saving money and forgoing the professional wedding album sounds like a great way to cut additional costs. Trust me, I get it!  But is doing that something you’ll regret 10 or 20 years down the line?  The additional one time expense may be well worth it when you think about a wedding album in terms of being a tangible keepsake that represents your marriage and love for each other.

3. TECHNOLOGY CHANGES | I’m only a twenty something year old and I’ve already seen the evolution of the walkman, to the CD player, to the iPod.  Just when you think that technology is as advanced as its ever going to be and that everything that’s going to be invented has already been invented, something new comes along and takes us all by surprise.  CD’s get scratched, online galleries eventually expire, and USB’s easily get lost.  Albums are forever.

4. EXPERIENCE | Some of my favorite memories are of sitting around the kitchen table with family members and going through boxes and boxes of old photos with that — call me crazy — musty smell.  There’s something about being able to see photographs in print and physically flip through them that feels so different than clicking around and opening up JPEGS on a laptop screen.  Maybe that’s because we live in such a digital age.

5. FAMILY HEIRLOOM | Albums will stay with you and your husband for the next 60 years, and will remain in your family for generations.  It’s hard to think about your children, grandchildren & even great grandchildren as someone who’s probably only in their 20’s or early 30’s, but think about how exciting it would be to find photographs of your great grandmother and to be able to piece together her story.  Your children and grandchildren will want to snuggle on your living room couch, flip through the photos, and hear stories about how you and your husband met — and I’m sure you’d love to tell them and be able to relive it!

Happy Wednesday!

XO Tori

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Album

  1. Paige says:

    So good. I have been printing my own photos out and putting them into albums. I also express the importance of my clients doing the same. Great post.


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