Old Town Alexandria, Virginia: My Latest Obsession

If you’ve been around here for a while, I’m sure you already know that I have a serious love (obsession, really) for all things historical, especially when it comes to towns and architecture. I can’t get enough of cobblestone streets, gas lanterns, row homes, and the history behind it all.  Major bonus points if I find out that where I’m visiting is haunted — I’m always the first to sign up for a late night ghost tour…..and the last to fall asleep after it’s over 🙂

I had first heard about Alexandria, VA a few months back while I was scrolling around on Pinterest and spotted a 7ft wide row home known as “The Spite House.”  As I searched some more, I found that it was located in a beautiful little town filled with boutiques, southern style restaurants, and quaint row homes nestled along the Potomac River.  This was a place I knew I had to visit.  Ryan was off from school for Spring break last week and he lives a little over two hours north of Alexandria.  Perfect opportunity for a day trip?  I think YES.

After driving through the cobblestone streets and finding a parking spot, we stopped at the Visitors Center, picked out at least 15 pamphlets and quickly realized that we were going to need more than one day to see everything that we wanted.  At least we now have an excuse to go back!

We grabbed a late New Orleans French Toast breakfast at The Warehouse Bar & Grill and then went over to the Carlyle House (Georgian architecture, my favorite!) and the Apothecary for tours.  Both places were like stepping back in time and had so many original features and furniture which was amazing to be able to see. We spent the rest of our time wandering down the cobblestone streets, peering into the windows of for sale row homes, and staring out over the Potomac River.  We ended the day by grabbing a delicious dinner at King Street Blues, running over to Misha’s for hot chocolate, and then heading down to the Visitors Center again just in time for our ghost tour!  Sadly we had to leave after the tour because it was getting late and we had a two hour car ride ahead of us — but we will be back at some point over the summer!  Enjoy some of the iPhone pictures below of our fun day trip!


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