Christina Julia Photography Head Shots

This beautiful lady is Christina of Christina Julia Photography.  Christina and I met through The Rising Tide Society a few months ago and we became fast friends!  She recently moved from Pennsylvania to Parsippany, joined the north Jersey Rising Tide Facebook group, and sent me an e-mail about wanting to put together a styled shoot and asking if I had any experience in that department…. Turns out that I do not (haha!) but I told her that I would be happy to help in any way that I could to make her vision come to life!  In such a short amount of time, we have become great friends, each others cheerleaders AND soon to be second shooters for one another (which I am SO excited about!). We’re both in such similar stages of our businesses and its so wonderful to have a friend who GETS it.  We’re always bouncing ideas off of each other and working together to tackle our challenges!

Last Wednesday, the two of us headed down to New Hope for a day full of shooting, window shopping, and hot chocolate sipping!  The weather was so beautiful that day and neither of us wanted to head home once dinner time rolled around.  Check out some of the head shots that I got of Christina.  Can we talk about that incredible golden light that we got right before sunset?  SWOON!!





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