Monday Morning Hodgepodge

I wanted to start a new Monday blog series for the past couple of weeks but I hadn’t gotten around to it because 1. I couldn’t think of a somewhat catchy title and 2. I was way too stuck on alliteration, and the “M” words that I was choosing to go along with Monday (like marvelous) sounded entirely too joyful for how Monday’s REALLY make me feel — which is busy and overwhelmed!  These posts will a hodgepodge of lessons learned, weekend events, and silly stories that will hopefully get you smiling and ready to tackle your Monday

This handsome guy next to me is Ryan.  We’ve been together for almost FOUR years now, which is crazy for me to think about.  We met during our junior year of college, had our first date while chatting over french toast at iHop, and well… the rest is history!  Ryan lives about two hours away from me in the opposite end of New Jersey which means that he’s super close to so many of my favorite little spots that I love to go and visit on repeat.


On Saturday we headed over to the convention center in Philly to see the Flower Show which was AMAZING.  Best part?  It was Ryan’s idea!  This years theme was National Parks and it was so fun to walk through and see all of the incredible displays that were put together. Three hours later (yes, its that huge!) we headed over to Old City to gawk at all of the row homes while pretending to be residents.  No shame.  I can’t get enough of the uneven cobble stone streets, gas lamps, and oil painted doors.

Yesterday we went to Terrain for brunch in Glen Mills, PA.  A friend had opened my eyes to Terrain (I still can’t believe that I had never heard of it!) a few months back and I became determined to visit ever since.  Luckily, Ryan lives only a half an hour away, so we hopped in the car and off we went.  It totally lived up to ALL of my expectations.  I’m pretty sure that my face looked like the heart eyed emoji the whole time. Terrain is a garden center / cafe / wedding venue all wrapped into one.  During brunch, we stared up at copper fairy lights woven into tree branches, drank lattes from mugs larger than our faces, and dug into caramel sauce covered french toast.  Yuuuuum.  The store itself is like walking through a wonderland and the walls are filled with everything from jewelry and home decor to soaps and food.  It was so tempting to fill a cart up with everything in sight, but I managed to leave with only with a Mason Jar Herb Starter Kit & a book for my Mom!

Successful weekend?  I think yes.  But then again, any weekend that involves french toast and Ryan is a successful weekend in my book.

Happy Monday, friends 🙂



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