What to Wear to an Engagement Session

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One of the most common questions I’ve been asked after setting a date for an engagement session is “Tori. What do I wear?!  Help!” Picking out an outfit for an engagement session can seem like a daunting task.  The fear starts to set in when the date gets closer. Should I stick with muted colors or go bold?  Will this pattern look too wild in my photos?  What if this shirt washes me out?  Trust me, I totally get it!  As a photographer, I want to help you to look AND feel your best during our shoot.  Here are a few tips to help you curate the perfect outfits so that you both feel comfortable, confident, and nail your engagement session!

  1. Coordinate Outfits, Don’t Match.  Wear colors that compliment each other, but that don’t match!  Let’s say you’re planning on wearing a beautiful blush tulle skirt with a long sleeved white top. Your hubby-to-be would look amazing if he wore dark wash navy jeans, a solid white button up shirt with a light gray pullover sweater on top. All of these colors work so well together without being matchy-matchy!  That being said, if you REALLY want wear outfits that coordinate color-wise, think about choosing a color from the same family instead of the exact same color.
  2. Color & Pattern.  Stick with solid colors and minimal pattern.  No logos or writing! Bold colors like mustard yellows, royal blues, and rich magentas are your friends! These colors will add some “pop” and make your photographs come alive.  If your other half decides to wear a pattern, think about going with a solid color to prevent any clashing.  You can still have visual interest with solid colors that have great texture.
  3. Layers.  If you’re engagement session is in a cold month, think about wearing different layers!  This allows for more outfit combinations, PLUS, layers are great for posing and give you something to do with your hands!
  4. Accessorize.  Your personalities should shine through in your engagement photos!  Think about wearing a bold statement necklace, bangles, or that pair of heels that you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to showcase!
  5. Location. A session for an outdoorsy and adventurous couple is going to look and feel very different than a session for a couple in love with all things chic and classic.  The engagement session is all about YOU and should reflect who you are as a couple.  If ballgowns and up-do’s are your thing, go rock it out!  Not a dress and high heels kind of girl? Then wear your flannel jacket and put your Bean Boots on!
  6. Options.  Bring another outfit or two along with you, this way you’ll have some different choices when it comes to picking out save the dates!  If you’re wearing a dress, maybe you’ll want to switch things up later in your session with jeans.
  7. Be Comfortable.  If you’re not comfortable, you won’t feel confident.  When I deliver your photo gallery, I want you to remember how much fun you had together and how beautiful you felt — not how much your feet hurt from the flats that were a little too snug!
  8. Professional Hair/Makeup.  I always suggest to all of my clients that they consider investing in having their hair and make up professionally done the day of their engagement session.  The professionals know how to make your hair and make up perfect for photos, plus, you’ll feel great!

Happy Thursday, friends!

XO Tori

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