3 Steps to the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Do you ever stare at your closet every season and wonder how you’ve ever managed to accumulate so much stuff?  Most of the things that I have in my closet I never wear.  Some pieces still have the price tags them!  I have jeans that I’ve never tried on, dresses from high school prom that I have no use for, and an abundance of bags that have long gone out of style.  I have two storage bins that I keep up in my attic, one labeled “Summer” and the other “Winter.”  At the end of the season, I throw all of my clothes and shoes in whichever bin and forget about them until the following year.  For years, I’ve mindlessly switched my clothes in and out without stopping and thinking about what pieces I no longer need and that I have no attachment to.  I tend to wear the same favorite pieces year after year anyway.  The rest of the clothes are cluttering up my closet and stopping me from making room for new clothes that I love!

I heard about a capsule wardrobe a few months back.  To be honest, when I first read about it I thought it was a little crazy.  Pairing down your closet down to JUST 40 pieces?!  I’ll have nothing to wear, count me out!  Then I got back to thinking about how much I have in my closet and how little of it I actually wear…. then the idea no longer sounded so crazy! So here’s how it works!

Step 1:  Empty out your entire closet.  The whole thing!  Throw all of your clothes in a heap on the floor and split them into four piles: MUST haves, “eh’s”, giveaways, & seasonal items.  When you’re done, you should have 40 pieces including dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and coats.  It doesn’t include PJ’s, swim wear, jewelry, workout clothes, or formal wear!

Helpful tip?  If you’re having too much trouble parting with some of your pieces in your “maybe” pile, put them into storage until the three month season is up.  If you haven’t gone into or thought about the pieces in the storage bin at the end of three months, it’s time to chuck them!

Step 2:  Wear only these 40 pieces for the next three months.  No clothes shopping!

Step 3:  Start planning for the next season and thinking about what’s been missing in your wardrobe.  Around two weeks before the season is over, go shopping!  Give yourself a budget while keeping in mind that the capsule wardrobe is all about less is more!  And for me, it’s definitely about quality over quantity.  I’m thinking anywhere between 5-8 new pieces would be perfect for the start of a new season!

That’s it!  You’re going to be left with a closet full of clothes that you absolutely LOVE and actually wear!  Would you ever try doing a capsule wardrobe?  I’m more than ready to get started with mine!

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