Chris & Danielle

I remember getting a text message from Danielle in September on my birthday saying “Happy Birthday! I have SO much to tell you!” Naturally, I tried to get an overview right then and there but she insisted that it needed to be told in person. Later that week, the two of us hopped in her Jeep and headed over to New Providence to get ice cream from Zita’s. After ordering my cup of pumpkin ice cream (one of my favorites!), I told her to spill the beans.

Danielle started to tell me about this guy named Chris that she had been talking to and had gone out on a date or two with. The entire time she was talking about him she had the BIGGEST smile on her face and couldn’t stop giggling. It was the most adorable thing ever! She read me a few sweet text messages he had sent her and I could tell that Chris was definitely someone special. Chris & Danielle started officially dating in November and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen Danielle happier — and I’ve known Danielle since I was seven!

I had been ITCHING to take portraits in the snow. As luck would have it, we woke up to a beautiful silver snow storm this past Friday — so beautiful, that my backyard looked like a scene from a snow globe. Danielle had texted me early that morning and I had asked her if she would be up for being photographed for a little while. Chris was planning on coming over her house later that afternoon and we thought instead that it would be so fun to snap a few photos of them together in snow! Take a look at some of the photos below that we got from that day. Chris & Danielle, you are both the cutest!



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