Justin & Mary: The Event

Earlier this month I visited Maryland for one of the best business and life changing experiences I could have ever asked for. An entire day dedicated to listening to and learning from so many amazing speakers with the biggest hearts — Justin & Mary The Event.

Justin happens to be my cousin (photography & art related interests seem to run in the family!). Around Thanksgiving, Mary had Instagrammed telling her followers to mark their calendars for something BIG that was going to happen during the beginning of January in the DC area.  I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but I knew that I had to be there.  After it had been announced, J&M hooked me up with a ticket after we ate dessert on Thanksgiving Day (thank you both, again, for that!!!) and I was all set to go.

I was lucky enough to come early and pick my front and center seat the morning of The Event before doors opened.  I sat and watched some microphone checks and all of the speakers interact with one another (most of whom I’ve blog and Instagram stalked for years!) and thinking to myself ahhhh it’s Katelyn James!! Stop staring, she’ll think you’re weird.

Attending The Event was vital for my business.  I learned all about the importance of marketing and creating a brand that goes to work for you and your business with Natalie Franke.  Justin spoke about and demonstrated lighting techniques, while Mary talked about organic gesture as a means of posing couples.  We learned some great information about contracts and the law, how to jumpstart a business in a year with Hope Taylor (who, by the way, is only 19 years old!!), and the importance of saying “no” with Abby Grace Springmann.  I FINALLY got to see Jenna Kutcher in person and I was so happy to find that who she is in person is EXACTLY who she is on social media. Katelyn James ended the night talking about micro changes in business and how they lead to macro results. My hand was actually hurting from all of the note taking!

Thank you both, Justin & Mary, for putting together such a wonderful event and to all of the speakers for spending the day with us!  Take a look at some of the pictures from The Event below — all iPhone photos, except for the ones with the gold backdrop (The Burlap Booth) 🙂

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