Hope Taylor Senior Photography Workshop

This past weekend has seriously had me at a loss for words, and that really doesn’t happen that often!!  On Saturday, I travelled down to the charming town of Fredericksburg, Virginia for the Hope Taylor Senior Photography Workshop.  Fredericksburg is an adorable historic town filled with boutiques, amazing restaurants, and an endless amount of sight seeing!  The workshop began on Sunday night with a meet & greet at Hope’s studio (which is beautiful, by the way!) where I got to meet the other attendees while sipping some delicious homemade hot chocolate!

Monday was as amazing as I knew it would be.  Hope is friendly, down to earth, and SO talented at what she does!  The first half of the day Hope spoke about everything from marketing to contracts and was so open and honest about any and all of the questions we had for her.  Later in the afternoon, we walked over to The Kenmore Inn for the winter inspired styled shoot by Dear Sweetheart Events — the venue, models, flowers, gahh it was all just so perfect!!  After the styled shoot, we headed back over to Hope’s studio to talk about workflow and we ended the day with a yummy pizza party from Benny’s!! SO much fun.  Below are the amazing vendors who contributed to the swag bags!

Twila & Co
All She Wrote Notes
Rachel Tenny
Chalkfull of Love
Monkee’s of Fredericksburg
Smart Planner

DSC_2159DSC_2165DSC_2179DSC_2175DSC_2183DSC_2189DSC_2192DSC_2196DSC_2184DSC_2200DSC_2207DSC_2232DSC_2255DSC_2257DSC_2252DSC_2259DSC_2316DSC_2283DSC_2334DSC_2289DSC_2330DSC_2399DSC_2420DSC_2429DSC_2507 (1)DSC_2519DSC_2417DSC_2628DSC_2524DSC_2414DSC_2691DSC_2741DSC_2708DSC_2806DSC_2777DSC_2798DSC_2899DSC_2865DSC_2886DSC_2896 (1)DSC_3249DSC_3308DSC_3128DSC_3324DSC_3211DSC_3060

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