Danielle’s Portrait Session

Oooh Danielle and I had so much fun during her portrait session!  Nothing else compares to the arboretum in the fall in Morristown, NJ — there are so many beautiful gardens and fields to choose from, which makes it super difficult to pick just one place to start the shoot!  Danielle had an amazing day for her portrait session.  You couldn’t have asked for better light or for more vibrant flowers!

Danielle is currently a senior in college and is majoring in math education, and let me tell you, she is going to make one HECK of a teacher!  She has an amazing gift where she’s able to connect with and talk to people that she’s never met before with such ease.  Plus, her laughter is contagious and her sense of style is on point!

Take a look at some of the photos from her shoot below and contact me by clicking HERE if you’re interested in booking a fall or winter session!
DSC_8356 DSC_8346 DSC_8336 DSC_8293 DSC_8222

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