Avanti’s Portrait Session

Fall sessions are well underway! It’s so great to be spending my evenings outside and enjoying the beautiful fall weather with great friends!

This lovely lady is Avanti. Avanti and I met the first day of our freshman year of high school. Now, I should explain that we didn’t go to a “typical” high school, but one that was all girls, Catholic, and SUPER old. The Academy had its funny little quirks for sure….

For instance: we were allowed to replace the shoe laces on our clunky black uniform Oxford shoes with any colorful laces that we pleased, every October we were given a box of chocolate to sell to raise money for the school (most of it we ended up eating ourselves!), and whenever a boy was on the premise you better believe that the entire student body knew within a fraction of a second.

Avanti is as real as it gets. I can always rely on her for great advice, complete honesty, and a good belly laugh! She is an unbelievably hard and dedicated worker, absolutely stunning, and can bake a yummy treat like no one else’s business. She is a SERIOUS light in our world. Our friendship is one of the best things that I got from the Academy and I’m so lucky to be able to call her one of my best friends!











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