Stephanie’s Portrait Session

Stephanie and I have been best friends for 19 years.  WHAT?!  How is that even possible? It’s amazing how time flies. We first met the summer before first grade at our local community center where a talk was being given about local Native American tribes.  I don’t remember too much about that day except sitting next to each other and having our moms discover that we would be in the same first grade class together.  When summer was over and September rolled around, we were able to sit right next to each other where we were front and center of Mrs. Sonnabend’s first grade classroom.  I don’t know about Stephanie, but Mrs. Sonnabend was my favorite elementary school teacher!!

We were together in that school until the second grade until I moved across town and started at a new school.  Then we were reunited again for three years in middle school, and then off we went to different high schools and colleges!  I’m pretty sure we saw each other more often in college being an hour away from each other than we did when we were in high school and only twelve minutes from each other!  Regardless of the distance, Stephanie has always remained one of my closest friends.

Stephanie is literally the entire package — she is a loyal friend who has a heart of gold, an AMAZING teacher who’s caring for her students goes above and beyond anything that I’ve ever seen, AND she is always there to listen to me yap about my roughs days and to celebrate the great days alongside me.  I’ll always be so unbelievably thankful for Stephanie and that summer day we met waaaaay back in 1996!

….and SERIOUSLY though, how gorgeous is she?!








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