Why I Choose Photography

My interest in photography started waaaay back when I was I bridesmaid at my cousin Melanie’s wedding when I was 15.

My other cousins (Justin & Mary Marantz….read their blog and follow them on Instagram right now if you don’t already!!) photographed her wedding.  As I stood next to Melanie and the other bridesmaids getting our photos taken, I thought about all of the times I had scrolled through Justin and Mary’s blog, marveling at their amazing photographs, and reading about their experiences and the places that they had travelled to — and now, I got to see them in action!

I can remember thinking “this is their job…. how cool is that?!  I want to do this too!”

At one point towards the end of the night Justin handed his camera over to me and let me take some photos.  Genuinely afraid to stand up out of my seat and drop his camera, I turned towards my Dad, said “SMILE!” and heard the clean, crisp CLACK of the shutter button.  And just like that, I was sold on the medium.

The following month I got my first Nikon DSLR camera (not nearly as fancy as Justin’s camera but nonetheless I was very excited!) and joined the yearbook club at my high school and continued to be a member until I graduated.  When senior year rolled around, I put together a portfolio of my best work and went on to major in photography in college.

Photographs are pretty powerful things!  They are all that we have left to help us remember once our memories start to fade.   Within seconds of looking at a photograph they evoke some sort of an emotion or feeling within us, especially if they’re taken of ourselves, family, or friends (even furry friends!) that we know and love.  We’re instantly reminded of everything about the day that the photograph was taken– how we felt, who we were with, what was happening in our lives at that time.  Eventually the photographs get passed down from generation to generation in photo albums, and our families sit around tables during the holidays flipping through them and laughing while reminiscing about their relatives.

 That being said, photographers have a preeetty big responsibility to uphold!  It is important to me that your photographs reflect who you are and that I capture your special day as it was.  Let’s be real, photographs seem to follow us wherever we go these days, and I want yours to be as relevant ten years from now as as they are today when your family is passing them around the dining room table on Thanksgiving.  Photographs are a part of us and a part of our history!

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