Carla’s Family Session

Last weekend I had the honor of photographing my friend Carla and her wonderful family!

I met Carla four years ago during my first week of school at Drew University.  All that week we had been getting emails about going to meetings and joining different clubs and organizations on campus.  Some of the subject lines seemed interesting, others were so so, but one e-mail heading I found to be particularly eye catching: “UPB. The University Programming Board.”  Now THAT sounded cool!  The next day during lunch, my friend Janet expressed an interest in going to UPB’s first meeting, and boy was I happy!   Four years ago, I was on the shy side and probably would have never ventured off to that first meeting by myself (although if I knew then how much fun I would have had up until graduation, there would have been no issue 🙂 )

Carla was/is the faculty advisor for UPB, and at the intro meeting, she and the president of club at the time were talking about all of the awesome events that we would put on for the student body.  They mentioned the planning of the Haunted House, Holiday Ball in December, and a HUGE annual picnic that happened during the spring.  As members of UPB, we would coordinate the events, work our magic, and when game day rolled around we would all have an amazing time and a huge sense of accomplishment.

I quickly came to realize that a lot of my friends on UPB were also part of an organization called OC (the Orientation Committee).  I interviewed with Carla for a spot on OC the winter of my first year at Drew and I was lucky enough to spend the following summers up until senior year as a member helping to make the college transition a little easier for incoming students.  UPB & OC became like family to me, and I’m forever grateful to have been a part of two amazing organizations during my years at Drew.  I learned so much about myself and my friends, and I have Carla to thank for fostering the kind of environment that allowed all of us to let our walls down and be ourselves.  Carla is the type of person that I could say anything to and I always felt like she understood me completely.  She has one of the biggest hearts that I know!

That being said (and not surprisingly) her family is AWESOME!  I felt like I was a member of her family instantly, and they had me laughing in hysterics the entire time 🙂

DSC_7790DSC_7828DSC_7775DSC_7516DSC_7762 DSC_7562 DSC_7634DSC_7731DSC_7670DSC_7684


DSC_7748 DSC_7805 DSC_7815 DSC_7843 DSC_7952 DSC_7954



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