Rhode Island Weekend Getaway

I’d have to say that fall is my favorite season, but summer is a close second!  I always loved the feeling of summer.  I love watching lightening bugs and listening to crickets chirping at night.  I can remember running out of grade school the second the bell rang on the last day of classes and having an overwhelming sense of freedom…. and I think that same feeling sticks with you each time summer rolls around even its no longer comprised of endless poolside days and hanging around the playground with friends 🙂

This past weekend Ryan & I drove up to Rhode Island for a mini-vacation.  It’s one of our favorite places to visit and we try to go whenever we get the chance — which isn’t always easy with my work schedule and him being a first year law student!

We had a very eventful weekend driving up to Newport and back down to Westerly both Friday & Saturday.  We even went to the casino for the sole purpose of eating Ben & Jerry’s!  By the time Sunday rolled around we were totally exhausted and wanted to find a place where we could order huge plates of pancakes with chocolate milk and then go relax on the beach before heading back home!

 While driving around looking for a yummy restaurant, we spotted this GORGEOUS sunflower field and had to pull over to get a closer look (even if it meant not so gracefully climbing over a fence to get to the field while wearing a dress — totally worth it).  Epitome of summer?  I think yes.

We only snapped a few photos here but I thought it was too pretty not share 🙂



Love that smile!




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